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Past Successes

Modifighters - Content Creation

Modifighters. Part Transformers, part Hot Wheels all cool. Spector Creative developed the Hot Wheels Modifighters line creating names, character bios, backstory and flash animation shorts for these fighting color change vehicle/robot toys. 


Pin Mates Re-branding/Retail Expansion

Classic play, but now with the hottest licensed characters from Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and more. Spector Creative lead a branding and packaging redesign to expand a successful adult collectable line to appeal to the all important kids and mom purchaser, driving $XXM in sales. The rebranding opened new channels such as Walgreens and Hobbytown.


METALS NANO Line $XXM Extension

Jada Toys is an expert at die cast toys but they needed a solution to expand their aisle space at big box retailers. Recognizing an unmet need in the market for a $0.99 action figure, Spector Creative helped refocus Jada's core competencies to create a new product line of licensed die cast figures, scaled to classic metal soldiers.


Big Figs Umbrella Branding

Jakks Pacific produced  a very successful line of large scale action figures from major licensor partners such as Lucasfilm, DC Comics, Nickelodeon and Universal. Spector Creative lead a branding and marketing redesign to successfuly put all licenses under one new umbrella brand; BIG FIGS, creating a "marketable reason for being" for each scale. The rebranding increased placement at retail by XX% and lead to 4 new license acquisitions for the brand. 

DTC Webstore Creation and Trade Show Rebranding/Syncrinization
Inventory and DTC Website Redesign

Recognizing an unmet need in the adult collector market, Spector Creative developed and launched for Mattel to sell high end toys direct to adult collectors. The financial success came from creatively using existing tools and molds and enhancing them with improved paint, features and packaging.  

In its first year generated $XMM in OP revenue, and within 3 years consistently generated $XXMM, often generating a higher OP than major licensed retail brands (due to tool sharing and direct sales). All branding was strategically incorporated into all consumer trade shows to drive sales back to the online store. 


Lootcrate had a very successful business of shipping monthly themed mystery "crates" to pop culture enthusiasists. What they needed was a solution for their inventory and direct sales website.


Spector Creative came in and streamlined 4 years of individual SKUS helping to set up and launch, a new direct to consumer site for high end non-crate items ,as well as flash sales of excess older inventory. 


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