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From Product to Sales 

Whether you have a current product at market, or an idea for something new, Spector Creative specializes in helping clients find their ideal sales space.


Want to get your item to Big Box retail? We do that. Is your item perfect for an online store? We do that too. From prototyping, to marketing to e-commerce management, Spector Creative can handle ever step. You just have to sit back and collect the sales. 

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Idea for a Product?

Brilliant ideas can come to anyone. But getting ideas to market can be tricky. From retail to e-tail, we can help you develop prototypes and sell in to big box and online retailers. 


E-commerce Management

Have a product you want to sell online? We can handle everything from setting up and managing your webstore to sourcing and manufacturing product. Let us be your total solution!

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Product at Market

Have a product at market but not seeing the sales you would like? Looking to break into big box retail? We have twenty years of marketing and product development experience to help your product succeed. 

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