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Toyetic Development

Have a script? Have a movie project in development?


Now is the time to talk merchandise!


Waiting to develop toys and merchandise is the biggest reason licensed product doesn't happen. Ensure your project is merchandise ready from day one! 


Let Spector Creative be your partner to provide toyetic solutions for your movie. Ensure characters, situations, vehicles and costumes not only translate into merchandise, but encourage and drive merchandise and licensing.


We have 35 years combined experience in child psychology and developing movie properties into successful retail toy lines. 


Don’t’ miss out on major revenue streams, PR and connecting with consumers. Spector Creative can handle every step. You just have to sit back and collect the royalties!


“Spector Creative saved me so much time with their innovative edits. And the toy manufacture that we worked with immediately saw how easy it was to turn our film into a toy line. We could never have been there without Spector Creative.”

-Screenwriter, Culver City, CA


“I had no idea what a toyetic element was. Now I won’t make a movie without them!” -Studio Executive, Burbank, CA

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“I am so glad the studio worked with Spector Creative ahead of time. It meant when we reviewed the script for a possible toy line, it was overflowing with concepts that work so well on shelf”. That made all the difference.”

 -Product Director, El Segundo, CA

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