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Get ready to reopen your business with a Mini Movie!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Getting on YouTube does not mean you need a channel or subscribers. One amazing video can show off your store or business to new and returning customers.

YouTube is an amazing tool for creative original content. If you are not on YouTube, it can be intimidating because many people believe you need a full channel with subscribers and playlists. In truth, one amazing 2-5 minute video can be the perfect tool to show off what is unique about your business and because YouTube is run by Google, these videos come up first on a Google Search making them a great marketing tool.

Getting information to your customers and potential customers is the key to growing any business. A short 2-5 minute video available on YouTube works as both an easily sharable marketing tool, as well as an informative overview of any company or retail store. The amount of information that can be explained through video is exponentially more effective compared to a print ad or a website.

Our goal is to help companies/retailers without a YouTube presence create a single informative and dynamic video that can be shared easily across the Internet. As the country gets ready to reopen in full, a YouTube Mini Movie from Spector Creative is an ideal tool for both welcoming back the customer as well as creating new ones.

To see an example of a Spector Creative Mini Movie, click on the link/video below or visit

We all want to stay healthy and safe. And once it is appropriate to reopen in full, a Mini Movie can be the ideal marketing tool to show off what makes your store or business unique! Get on YouTube today. We can provide the solution!

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