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No retainer, no long term commitment. The secret and simple YouTube marketing tool we offer.

Work is a little different right now. I don’t need to blog about that, as we are all aware of the changes that have been happening in the world around us in light of social distancing.

What I do want to draw your attention to is the importance of maintaining a marketing presence in these changing times. As many of us get ready to reopen in full and welcome back new and returning customers/clients, keeping your name out in the public eye is more relevant and important than ever. I was recently given the good advice by a trusted colleague that this is NOT the time to stop marketing, but on the contrary, it is the time to up your game.

Allow me to share a secret.

One of the best ways to constantly maintain your market presence is a “Mini-Movie” on YouTube. The idea of marketing on YouTube can be overwhelming; don’t I need subscribers, a playlist or even a full channel? The answer is no and I am going to share with you how this is easier than you ever thought possible.

Spector Creative focuses on creating a single, dynamic 2-5 minute video showcasing what makes your business/retail store/service unique. A short video can communicate your company’s services and attract former as well as new consumers faster than text, blogging or graphics.

Why is it better? Here is the real strategy hidden in plain sight. YouTube is owned by Google meaning that YouTube videos with YOUR company’s name and description will come up immediately in an online search of someone seeking your specific services. Google always wants to present information in multiple mediums as top search results. So if you don’t have a video about your company on YouTube you are missing the greatest SEO shortcut of all time!

In this Google search for the Bronx Zoo, videos (as a category) come up before the official Facebook page...

How videos come up quickly in Google searches

Mini Movies are a one-and-done marketing tool with unlimited long-term use. Once complete, I hand it over to you and the project is complete. No ongoing commitments, retainers or projects.

Call or email today. I would love to help you figure out if Mini-Movies are the right marketing solution for you! I can be reached direct at

To see an example of a Mini Movie, click here:

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