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Retail Rejuvenation - how to maximize in-person buying

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I love buying online. You probably do too. There are certainly a lot of advantages to buying online. Speed, convenience, shopping in your pajamas...but something is missing.

When we shop online we have lost the magical, emotional experience that comes with selecting and purchasing a product in store or what we like to call The Emotional Connection.

Everything that SPECTOR CREATIVE does, from product design to script review is done from an emotion first perspective. This unique approach makes us different from almost any other consulting firm in the world.

I've spent over 20 years working in product development and marketing. My business partner has a master's degree in psychology from NYU and was one of 5 therapists invited annually to partake in a two year post graduate fellowship in child/adolescent psychoanalytic play therapy from the Reiss Davis Development Child Study Center in Los Angeles, California. Together, the path we take to any project is not just looking at what the spreadsheet says "should" be made, but rather truly understanding the WHY between consumer, product, preferences and buying experience.

Too many companies often look at product development and purchase behavior as something to quantify and analyze from a numbers perspective. If X number of customers are buying a product in year 1, let's reissue that product in a new color in year 2. While numbers and spreadsheets have their place, as a seller you want to know HOW to drive traffic to your retail store and what will keep people coming back with a simple understanding of The Emotional Connection.

These days everyone is jumping on bandwagon of online sales and as with many other trends you can see that this area is becoming saturated, disconnected and depersonalized to the consumers overall experience. Retail on the other hand, offers a VERY unique situation, allowing the customers to experience an emotional, physical, tactile, visual, and auditory experience all while being able to discuss their FEELINGS and have their questions answered about the product.

By doing this you create a stronger bond (or attachment as we like to say) to not only a product, but to the EXPERIENCE and BUYING PATTERN of obtaining that particular product.

At Spector Creative, we are experts at RETAIL REJUVENATION and offer a program that has successfully transformed retail client's brick and mortar sales. Applying our approach to retail

creates a buying experience that can NEVER be replicated online.

Want to know WHY clients are buying your product and how to encourage more traffic to your physical stores? Call or Email us today! We would love to talk creative solutions and help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

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