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Do you truly know why your customers are your customers?

Are you a pest control company? No. You sell the relief from bugs.

Are you an industrial parts seller? No! You sell reassurance and productivity.


Are you a toy company? No. You sell inspiration and accomplishment.


 Unlock Your Brand's Unique Emotional Connection.
How do I understand the emotional needs of my customers

With a proven record for identifying unmet needs in the market, Spector Creative is your partner for unlocking your brands potential through a focus on its unique emotional connection to your customer.


Whether you need a packaging refresh or total product development with content and marketing solutions, let us bring our 25 years of sales, e-commerce and branding experience to you; and unlock your brands true emotional connection to your customers driving sales and brand loyalty to the next level.

Data Driven Retail Solutions

StoryBrand Marketing

Product & Content Development

What is storybrand marketing

Unlock your brand's potential with our StoryBrand Marketing services, designed to clarify your message and engage your audience effectively. Discover tailored strategies that transform your storytelling into powerful customer connections.

How does storybrand marketing work

Enhance your product’s market presence with our Retail Placement Services, ensuring your items are strategically positioned in prime retail spaces. Leverage our expertise to maximize visibility and drive sales across key outlets.

What is the best way to design product for retail

Elevate your offerings with our Product and Content Development services, creating innovative solutions that resonate with your target audience. From initial concept to final execution, our team ensures your products and content stand out in the competitive market.

How do I design a product line for retail
Scott Neitlich MBA,
Creative Director

For the past 25 years Scott has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 Companies in the world to develop and launch products for unmet market needs.


Whether retail or online, let's talk about solutions for your branding, content and sales goals!


Greensboro, NC

"What I appreciated the most working with Scott were that his ideas which were always backed by data and  a clear roadmap to review and implement  the next steps."

El Segundo, CA

"In my first meeting with Scott he  laid out a strategic  business plan  demonstrating how our company was leaving money on the table in our market.  His work added $10M in direct sales that lasted the life of the brand. " 

Winston Salem, NC

"For years,  I assumed I knew what my business was and who we sold to. Scott's insights into our customers' needs have not only changed our perspectives but have had a significant  impact on our bottom line." 


How can we measure the ROI of our marketing campaigns?

To align marketing strategies with overall business objectives, it's essential to fully understanding the broad goals of an organization such as increasing revenue, expanding into new markets, or improving customer satisfaction. From there, we translate these broad objectives into specific, measurable marketing goals. For example,...

How can we improve our brand recognition and customer loyalty?

Improving brand recognition and customer loyalty involves a multi-faceted approach that combines strategic marketing, consistent branding, and excellent customer service. To boost brand recognition ensure that all your marketing materials, from your website to your social media profiles, feature consistent branding elements such...

How can marketing drive better customer engagement?

Marketing can drive better customer engagement by adopting strategies that focus on personalization, interaction, and value creation. Personalization is key in today's market; customers expect experiences tailored to their preferences and behaviors. Utilizing data analytics to understand customer patterns and preferences allows businesses to craft personalized...

What marketing channels are most effective for our business?

For retail businesses, leveraging a mix of marketing channels can significantly enhance customer outreach and sales. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are especially effective due to their visual nature and extensive user bases. These platforms enable targeted advertising and...

What are the latest trends in marketing that we should be aware of?

Several emerging trends in marketing are reshaping the way businesses engage with their customers. One of the most significant trends is the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies are helping businesses personalize marketing efforts at scale, predict customer behavior, and optimize advertising campaigns in real-time. For example,...

How do we align our marketing strategies with overall business objectives?

To align marketing strategies with overall business objectives it's essential to start by fully understanding the broad goals of your organization such as increasing revenue, expanding into new markets, or improving customer satisfaction. From there, translate these broad objectives into specific, measurable...

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